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TitleNum playersOpponent (enter name)
Duration (Start + End)
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Once More into..5Keith, Big-Chad, fnord23, quartersmostly, jmargerum23 Feb - 25 Feb 2012
2.4 days
8127ChinaBig-Chad, fnord23, jmargerum, quartersmostly5Keith, jmargerum, quartersmostly, Big-Chad, fnord2309 Feb - 19 Feb 2012
9 days
8094ChinaChina: Venezia4fnord23, jmargerum, Keith, Big-Chad07 Feb - 12 Feb 2012
4.5 days
8090ChinaChina: Venezia3Keith, jmargerum, Big-Chad07 Feb - 08 Feb 2012
17.5 hours
7993Chinabig china5fnord23, Big-Chad, jmargerum, quartersmostly, Keith31 Jan - 05 Feb 2012
4.8 days
7867ChinaReFortnight4quartersmostly, fnord23, jmargerum, Keith22 Jan - 26 Jan 2012
4.4 days
7811ChinaFortnight Game4fnord23, quartersmostly, jmargerum, Keith18 Jan - 21 Jan 2012
3.4 days

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